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Monica Mauro

Monica Mauro wearing a casual outfit

About the designer

Monica Mauro was born and raised in Mexico. She has always had an adventurous spirit. She has an attraction to nature and loves to explore new places. In her travels, she learned about how unique every place is and all the resources that exist in nature. This opened her creativity and her desire to create unique pieces. She really enjoys diversity and different cultures.

With a craving to start her own business and be present and available for her kids, Monica convinced her husband to have a fresh start. They had a baby, left their jobs, sold their house, and moved from Dallas to Arizona to launch their jewelry business.

Monica and Scott established Monica Mauro Designs in 2015. With perseverance and passion, they are now selling Monica’s designs in well recognized resorts in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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Creative Design

All our designs are handcrafted, unique and special. Inspired by nature.

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We will customize any piece in our collection for size and color.

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